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ON June 1, 2018, I happened to be scrolling through a popular employment site looking for job leads when I viewed KODE MAGAZINE HIRING INTERN.

I am not new to seeing my work out there. KODE MAGAZINE logo and the design itself are mine. Even by me engaging its still my company. The Goal of KODE MAGAZINE is to embody music+culture+lifestyle. People loved my idea and when the finance guys came they asked me where I wanted KODE placed internationally, in India? In Africa? There's never been a modern and sophisticated magazine for Ethnic and Exotic models that are smart and intelligent and that showcases walks of life that empower ethnic and exotic beauty...

I imagined that the finance guys liked my idea so much that the only way they could let me know was to put out an ad in the popular employment website or to release a commercial about it inspired by my ideas.

To any intern applying for KODE MAGAZINE, know this. If you are hired and if it is my logo don't hesitate to express your self and your voice. Don't let anyone manipulate you to do something you know is wrong. It is a vicious business and I know I would never use an intern to sell my magazine without being really prepped and involved. Since KODE MAGAZINE is an idea, its up to me to make it real.


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